Collection: Posters & Prints

A selection of exclusive print editions and posters from Hauser & Wirth artists.

Allan Kaprow Archive Posters

Mike Kelley

‘Untitled (from the Kandors series),’ 2011/2018, depicts the fictional city of Kandor from the popular American comic Superman as a limited edition lenticular print.

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Plan for Oudolf Field print

This 60 x 111 cm screenprint features the hand drawn master plan for Oudolf Field, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, by Piet Oudolf. It is an edition on 100 and was printed in Bristol, UK.

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Zhang Enli: Tea Garden Edition Print

A limited edition print, made for Zhang Enli's exhibition at Fortnum & Mason in 2019, features the iconic 'Tea Garden' by Zhang Enli. The pattern is inspired by maps and contours, referencing the terraces of tea plantations in Hunan and the forms of the islands of Hong Kong.