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Angel Otero: Lucky Rain

Sale price$4,000.00

Hauser & Wirth presents a new print edition from Angel Otero.

Limited edition of 25, hand-signed by the artist.

Printed by Erik Hougen and published by Hauser & Wirth Editions

Price includes domestic and international shipping.

8 color silkscreen, archival pigment print with silver leaf and powdered tire rubber.

Sold unframed.

Proceeds for the benefit of Art to Acres and The Ricky Martin Foundation.

Angel Otero: Lucky Rain
Angel Otero: Lucky Rain Sale price$4,000.00

‘The idea of the goldfish falling connects to my family and my memories, but also to the idea of unexpected abundance. A rain of fish may be a fantastical event, but we can move fish from one place to another to feed people. Memories are like magical realism—they combine the factual with the imagination to make something surreal.’

– Angel Otero



About three years ago, I made a print entitled ‘Fish Rain’. It is connected to the ‘Carteles de Puerto Rico,’ a graphic art movement that was created by the government to educate people on the island about everything from hurricane preparedness to fishing season to how to protect the oceans. They would produce a movie for the community and promote it with a poster, many of which hang in my studio today. When I work in print, I always want to hold the hand of this reference—the medium connects me to where I’m from and one of the most important art movements of my island, while allowing me to bring it to a contemporary context.

‘In ‘Lucky Rain’, the silver and tire rubber bring together materials that are valuable and discarded—the silver referencing gold- and silver-leaf objects I grew up with, and the rubber referencing the black oil paint I use in my paintings.’

– Angel Otero



Hauser & Wirth is proud to support Art to Acres, an initiative for artists, gallerists and collectors with a mission to support large-scale land conservation. The gallery’s contribution has conserved 4,700 acres of cloud forest in Central America.

Art for Acres extends the relationship between art and conservation, from human-made objects to cloud forests and ecosystems,’ says Argentina-born artist Mika Rottenberg, who has worked with Art for Acres in conserving tropical forest to offset the production of her exhibition at MCA Chicago.

The Ricky Martin foundation

The Ricky Martin Foundation is a non-profit organization formed exclusively for philanthropic, educational and scientific purposes. Its mission is to become a leading voice that achieves progress in upholding the human rights of children around the world. They advocate the welfare of children in critical areas such as education, health and social justice.