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Anj Smith: Paintings

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Anj Smith's eerie and luminous paintings are exercises in extravagant meticulousness. The magic of her figures and motifs, however, derives in large part from the contrast Smith creates in surrounding areas of thickly applied impasto. This formal incongruence between the intricate and the inchoate is crucial to Smith's work and suggests that she seeks to navigate a murky psychological space far beyond the reach of her brush.

Anj Smith: Paintings Default Title
Anj Smith: Paintings Sale price$70.00




Hauser & Wirth Publishers / MACK




Hauser & Wirth Publishers


104 pages


24 x 33 cm



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The Artist

Anj Smith

‘I love the idea that painting, pointless technologically, can still hypnotise and seduce us. For me, this is where the uniquely profound nature of painting is located, as no other medium offers this specific legacy. Its multiple deaths, resuscitations and evolutions make it especially apt in negotiating the great global & personal uncertainties of now. This difficult, baggage-ridden, faltering yet essentially surviving medium enables me to excavate often-overlooked art histories. These then filter down, combining with my lived experiences to form the layers of the work. Painting can facilitate the complexity of all of this, allowing me to explore the very edges of representation.’
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