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Piero Manzoni: Materials & Lines

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This two-volume publication highlights two key threads in the work of artist Piero Manzoni, a seminal figure of postwar Italian art and progenitor of Conceptualism. The first volume, ‘Materials,’ covers Manzoni’s years of prolific creation leading up to his untimely death in which he experimented with a wide variety of media in his paintings, including sewn cloth, cotton wool, fiberglass, synthetic and natural fur, straw, cobalt chloride, stones, fluorescent polystyrene, pellets, packaging, and more. The second volume, ‘Lines,’ delves into the eponymous body of work of fundamental importance to his well-known Achromes – paintings without color, which aimed to strip his work of expression. Extensively illustrated, both volumes feature art historical essays alongside a host of archival material, making this one of the most comprehensive sources on the artist to date.

Piero Manzoni: Materials & Lines
Piero Manzoni: Materials & Lines Sale price$50.00




Hauser & Wirth Publishers


Two flexicover volumes in a slipcase


Rosalia Pasqualino di Marineo


148 pages


22 x 27 cm



Publication Date


The Artist

Piero Manzoni

The renowned Italian artist Piero Manzoni emerged as a powerful voice for the avant-garde in the 1950s, debuting as an artist at the ‘4a Fiera mercato: Mostra d’arte contemporanea’ in 1956. A self-taught painter, his work heavily featured anthropomorphic silhouettes and the impressions of objects. He began making his ‘white paintings’ – later named ‘Achromes’ – in 1957, at first with rough gesso and then with kaolin, as well as with creased canvases or surfaces divided into squares.
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