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Ursula is the art magazine of Hauser & Wirth, featuring essays, profiles, films, interviews, original portfolios, and photography by some of the most thought-provoking writers and artists in the world.

Ursula: Issue 2

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The second issue of Ursula features a cover conversation between Luchita Hurtado and Andrea Bowers that delves into contemporary politics, first-wave feminism, the environmental perils facing the planet, the painterly pleasures of color and 20th century art history (a good portion of which Hurtado, 98, has experienced firsthand). Hurtado is, in essence, an emerging artist with a body of work that reaches back more than 60 years, her paintings and drawings being widely seen and appreciated for the first time only now.

Ursula: Issue 2
Ursula: Issue 2 Sale price$18.00


English, Softcover


230 x 305 mm


128 pages

Publication Date

Spring 2019


Featured in this issue

The Painter and The Planetarian

Luchita Hurtado in conversation with Andrea Bowers about history, nature and art as a form of shouting

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What’s Not There

Jenny Holzer’s enduring exploration of painting and power

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The Pathos Collector

Inside the home of Jim Linderman, outsider-insider

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I Don’t Believe in Masterpieces Anyway

Glenn O’Brien (1947–2017) on Dash Snow (1981–2009)

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